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This Christmas  have sorted all your festive trims out so you home can look truly unique during this festive season. From garlands that can be draped down your staircase or above your fireplace, to glass roundels that can be hung in windows as well as stunning Christmas decorations to hang on your tree, like ornate William morris ceramic baubles.  
Our decorations are all handmade using natural materials such as glass, ceramic, felt, metal and paper. We have invited over fifteen different makers to display there special decorations with us some names you will recognise as well as some completely new ones to the gallery.
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Ever fancied having a go at creating your very own piece of handcrafted jewellery or learning some of Margaret uttleys painting and drawing techniques? We are pleased to be offering a range of workshops throughout the year that always draw in a friendly crowd   keep your eyes peeled in the new year when 2021 latest workshops will be announced.

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Garden Of Lost And Found

Welcome to our Winter Exhibition which celebrates a range of contemporary crafts and fine art exploring texture’s and tones found in the outdoor world this autumn. 

We love the surfaces and textures of the great outdoors that this magical season offers. When you observe the patterns and textures closely to a microscopic scale you can often find strong vivid shapes and blurry colours that blend together. All the Artist’s we have selected for this exhibition explore this theme and have created there own interpretation, whether it is with paint, patenting metals or encapsulating semi precious stone like dendrite quartz that have tiny fossilised plant forms inside, nature can be found and incorporated within art in various ways and we hope this exhibition is a flavour of this.


Spring Jewellery Picks

Welcome to our Spring Picks page that showcases our top favourite jewellery items for the Spring / Summer season.

We have cherry picked a selection of our top selling jewellers like Ellen Monaghan, Rachel Jones, Judith Peterhoff  Bea Jareno, Laura Ngyou and Susan Mcload. Names you have probably seen in the gallery before sparkling away in our main jewellery cabinet.

Alongside our fine jewellers we are also focusing on that  dramatic splash of colour that of course we love in Studio Vault and have handpicked a selection of jewellery by We Dream in Colour and Materia Rica.

We hope you enjoy browsing this page and that you can find that perfect dressy statement piece to match your favourite spring outfit, or a piece that can become a new favourite that will cross over all the seasons.  


This is one of my favourite services we offer, it allows us to work closely with all our designers to create a truly unique one of as kind service for our customers.

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