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Spring Reflections

Welcome to our first Exhibition of the year ‘Spring Reflections’, showcasing a body of work by artists and designers inspired by the Yorkshire Dales and the wonders found in natural forms. 

This theme has been explored in five different mediums paint, clay, natural fibre’s, metal and wood and each artist has expressed this theme in their own style. 

We have carefully selected work we feels sits well together Painting’s by Susannah Lawless and Plaster botanical base relief’s by Tara Joy, both who live and work in Ilkley West Yorkshire and regularly work together on there collaborative project Forage and Frame.  Our ceramicists Emily Stubbs, Anja Penger, Justine Jenners and Valarie Zoz, all explore a strong colour palette with organic texture’s applied throughout the three dimensional forms. Our new exhibiting jeweller Emily Kidson creates Jewellery that is so beautifully executed due to its shape, colour and form, that you can’t help yourself but to be drawn in to the tactile qualities found within each metal and wooden element. We also have textiles by Ruby Kite Designs and Mix media work by Frances Noon.

We hope you enjoy browsing this page from the comfort of your own home and if you are visiting the Settle area this Spring do pop in.

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Ever fancied having a go at creating your very own piece of handcrafted jewellery or learning some of Margaret uttleys painting and drawing techniques? We are pleased to be offering a range of workshops throughout the year that always draw in a friendly crowd   keep your eyes peeled in the new year when 2021 latest workshops will be announced.

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Discover our story

Passionate about selling hand crafted product’s, made by skilled artisans all over the world and sold in the picturesque Yorkshire Dales.

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This is one of my favourite services we offer, it allows us to work closely with all our designers to create a truly unique one of as kind service for our customers.

Ellen Monaghan Bespoke cinnomon bespoke image to use on front page diamond ring process shot