Barbora Rybarova

The natural beauty of rough gemstones never fails to inspire and excite her. Colours, textures and crystal formations of unique gems are a starting point for each of my designs. Selecting and finding a source of these exquisite stones is an important part of my creative process and each one is carefully handpicked and considered. She often find’s an exciting gems on her travels. Many of her pieces are one of its-kind-jewels or a part of a limited collections made in silver or gold. High craftsmanship and high end finish lie at the heart of each of my pieces which she create’s in my sunny studio in Margate.

She also work’s on commissions and create’s bespoke designs to your budget. If you have a specific idea or a gemstone for your dream jewel, or if you would like to visit Barbora Rybarova Jewellery studio and showroom please get in touch. 

About me: After graduating in Fine Art in 2009 at Central Saint Martins College in London, she moved to South America where she studied and worked alongside skilled jewellers. Here started my love for gems and jewellery making. After my return to London in 2012, she has continued her creative journey into jewellery world through self-education, often exploring and pushing the boundaries of traditional jewellery. 

 She is also a passionate outdoor enthusiast and is happiest being surrounded by rocky mountains, forrest and sea. This connection with nature transfers into my work.