Garden Of Lost And Found

Welcome to our Winter Exhibition which celebrates a range of contemporary crafts and fine art exploring texture’s and tones found in the outdoor world this autumn. 

We love the surfaces and textures of the great outdoors that this magical season offers. When you observe the patterns and textures closely to a microscopic scale you can often find strong vivid shapes and blurry colours that blend together. All the Artist’s we have selected for this exhibition explore this theme and have created there own interpretation, whether it is with paint, patenting metals or encapsulating semi precious stone like dendrite quartz that have tiny fossilised plant forms inside, nature can be found and incorporated within art in various ways and we hope this exhibition is a flavour of this.

We have invited eight exhibiting artists into the gallery this winter firstly a name you may all be familiar with Scarbourogh artist Shirley Vauvelle, who has showcased her ceramic sculptures with us but has now created a series of paintings called forest bathing that we are showcasing alongside her ceramics.  We also have Ceramics by Jaeeun Kim, Frances Spice, Patricia Thom, Metal Work by Emma Jane Rule, Jewellery by Charlie High, Roxanne Gilbert and Naomi Trecz.  

We hope some of you can visit the gallery for our winter exhibition which is on from the 17th October until 24th December. In the meantime we hope you enjoy browsing our exhibition page.