Canopy 3

A beautiful abstract painting that is inspired by Shirley Vauvelles’ garden, which is a new body of work that she has created for our autumn / winter exhibition.

‘My home and studio is surrounded by trees, really mature trees, some must be 100 years old or more. I have also planted lots more trees so there are many different views of tree canopies. The paintings have grown into pieces that are about looking through and looking into foliage, nature. On a daily basis I do this from within my house and when I am moving through the garden. In Japan they call this Shinrin Yoku forest bathing. These paintings are an emotional response to that feeling of being emersed in foliage, nature. Being in the moment, aware of the breath, aware of yourself connected to nature and the earth. This all might sound airy fairy BUT I am guessing and some I know for a fact don’t experience that, it may totally pass them by or they simply don’t get the opportunity. They may look and see for a minute or two then move on to something else, take an Instagram photo but they don’t immerse their selves totally. It’s so important for us as a species to have this in our lives. I am fortunate to be immersed by all the colours of nature, I want to pass it on in my paintings, all the energy, pleasure and calmness that gives me. (this is not a statement as such, I can make it into one for the show ) just to give you an idea of the thinking in the collection.



An original painting on board with mixed media acrylic, pastel and pencil. Sealed and finished with cold wax and has a matt surface. The painting is ready to hang with strings attached at the back.


120cm x 80 cm


Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 30 cm