‘Agate’ Plush Velvet Infinity Scarf

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A beautifully soft, plush velvet infinity scarf featuring the print ‘AGATE’, one of April’s signature designs inspired by Scottish Agates. This is a rich, detailed design using photographs of one of April’s favourite mineral specimens as the muse. You’ll find an abundance of colour in ‘AGATE’ from warm greys and beiges, highlighted with rich purple-red. This print will fit in any wardrobe and is so versatile.


A scarf that can be worn for casual occasions or dressed up with an outfit. A design that suits both men and women.




Digitally printed on Plush Velvet In Glasgow from April’s original designs.


These are long enough to wrap around twice for a snug, cosy hug around your neck. You’ll be amazed by just how soft this plush fabric is and the incredible detail of the prints.


Scarf is approximately 15cm wide, loop is 145cm.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 2 × 10 cm