Bespoke Modelling

This is one of my favourite services we offer, it allows us to work closely with all our designers to create a truly unique one of as kind service for our customers. Most often transforming inherited metal or stones into an updated modern design closely connected to our jewellery designer’s unique modern style.

We have been very fortunate to work on a number of special commissions over the year’s weather this is creating special pieces of jewellery for big birthday celebrations, remodelling inherited jewellery or creating special jewellery for your wedding day. 

Ciara Bowles Commision of two special rings from grandmothers jewellery for her two grandchildren.

Ciara Bowles Georgia’s 21st birthday present.

Ciara Bowles Georgia’s 21st birthday present.

Ellie Air remodel Bryony Parson’s 40th birthday present

Ellie Air wedding commission

Margaret Coleman special birthday present