Emily Knight

Emily Knight is the founder of Studio Vault and also creates her own jewellery collection in her workshop situated at the back of the gallery. She trained as a Jeweller and Silversmith at The Glasgow School of Art, and although she doesn’t get a huge amount of time to create and develop her own work, she loves the rare moments when she does.

Her main focus is enamelling as she loves the combination of colours and how each layer blend’s together in a different way. Even when she is not enamelling, and stone setting instead she can’t help but play around with the juxtaposition of the stones and create colour palette’s which in her eye’s sing.

Before she had the gallery her signature collection was her foliage series, in particular her crawling studs, which evolved from her fascination with the colourful moss and lichen she discovered on an adventure in India.  

During the third lockdown Emily finally managed to produce a fresh body of work which includes some new pieces, as well as some of her old favourite designs like the foliage earrings.