Bouquet I

These intricatly saw pierced by hand panels have become a labour of love to me this year. They are inspired by botanical drawings which I have then collaged together to create individual posy patterns. Once I have finished the saw piercing process I then polish the metal by hand and then mask out areas to create frosted textures. The shadows which are created on the deep blue back board are very much apart of the piece and echo the drawing.

These can be displayed anywhere in the home but for the true effect we recommend hanging them where you have good light so you can enjoy the shadow.




Hand pierced copper sheet frosted and highly polished

Silver rivets Mounted onto a deep blue background, With a 17mm gap for a floating frame effect but also to add shadows from the saw pierced drawing to the background and surrounding wall.

Wire string is applied to the back of the panel so they can easily be displayed on the wall, or can be hung from the top of the frame.

These are very lightweight so only one panel pin is needed if hanging from the wire.

Signed by the artist

One of a Kind Piece

Occasional brasso polishing to clean the piece is needed only when you see a slight tarnish occurring.

Framed Dimensions

29cm by 34cm

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 30 cm