Christy Keeney

Christy Keeney is a potter I have admired the work of since I was a child visiting ceramic fairs with my family during the school  summer holiday’s. When I opened the gallery back in 2015, I was waiting for the right time to introduce this talented figurative potters work into the gallery and summer 2021 seemed to be the perfect time. 

We ordered three figurative pieces from him, two Tree planters for our “Beneath the Trees” exhibition and one musician. His work has proven popular already with both Tree planters selling within the first week and the guitar player still on display surrounded by Vivienne Ross figurative domestic ware. 

When you look at Christy’s work you can’t help but admire the skill in each sculpture. The layers he has created and the finer details found in the feet hands and face. 

His work reminds me of figurative Picasso paintings brought to life in a three dimensional manor. 

Owning a Christy Keeney sculpture myself which sits proudly in our living room I know how much joy I receive every day admiring my tree planter and I can’t wait to showcase more of his work in the gallery.