Guitar Player in Bright Blue Chair

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An amazing figurative Guitar player sculpture by the well known Christy Keeney. These sculpture has been so well made with brilliant attention to detail. The guitar player is gently sat down while playing his guitar. Christy has captured the face so well in a Picasso like manor.

I love the different layers you can see within this sculpture with the chequerboard floor and the detail he has captured on his hands and feet.

Christy is a well know ceramicist based in Island, and as well as his work been so well made we also think they look great in any home environment.

Owning one myself I get great pleasure in admiring my single tree planter sculpture in our living room.



Hand built stone ware clay.

With a mixture of natural glazes and stamped textures.


length 22.5cm height 45cm width 13cm

Signed on the back by Christy Keeney Dated 2023

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 15 × 5 × 15 cm