We Dream In Colour

We Dream in Colour is a black-owned, self-funded, and independent jewellery line designed and handmade with a focus on sustainability. Founder Jade Gedeon has been designing jewellery that separates itself with bold colours and rich patinas for over a decade.

In 2011 her sister Mika joined her full-time and has been instrumental in nurturing the line, championing the integrity of the product and process. Their combined goal: to craft brilliant pieces that will be well-loved for years to come, and prioritise the quality of life for their entire team over chasing aggressive growth.

Each and every piece is assembled by our all-women team in our Salem, MA studio. From small to big we take as many steps as we can to minimise our environmental impact. We use repurposed materials and earth-friendly processes wherever possible and focus on working with socially conscious suppliers.

We love the playful yet antique inspired designs that We Dream In Colour design, and as a person who loves to wear colour and statement earrings I certainly feel spoiled for choice.