Mojave Earrings

Long, elegant brass pendant drops feature a wash of colour over a natural verdigris patina. Gold-plated leaverbacks. Nickel and lead free.


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12cm long

Packaged in a Studio Vault gift box

Jewellery Care

Hand painted Finishes – Paint is a surface finish that can wear off or chip with improper care. To preserve the finish please avoid drops, abrasion, immersion in liquids or exposure to chemicals.

Glass Enamel – our enamel pieces are made by melting a thin layer of glass over metal. Like most glass products this means that the finish is fragile, but will last for years if treated correctly. Avoid hard knocks, heavy pressure and do not bend. Do not submerge these pieces in water or cleaning solutions. Clean by wiping with a soft cloth.

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Dimensions 10 × 3 × 10 cm