Rebecca Burt

Rebecca Burt is a jewellery designer/maker based out of her studio in Pontcanna, Cardiff. Where she creates textural organic jewellery from silver, gold and gemstones. Having originally completed a degree in textile design, it is still very much a big influence on her approach to jewellery making. She is fascinated by textures and building up patterns in the metal, letting the process guide her. The finished pieces are organic and have a directional quality, that captures movement and a sense of flow. This is accentuated by contrasting combinations of silver, gold and oxidised silver to create beautiful juxtapositions, combined with energetic and juicy gemstones.

Rebecca creates collections of jewellery with a combination of stock pieces that she can recreate and one off pieces featuring unique gemstones. Everything is made and crafted by Rebeccas hands, allowing for no two pieces to be exactly the same, giving each piece its own individual personality!