Wildflower Wonder Clay Cast

We love Tara Joy’s work and how it captures the essence of nature in such a natural way. Tara Captures the beautiful detail of flowers and the delicate nature of petals in this large square cast. This would make a lovely gift for Mothers Day, silver wedding anniversaries, birthday’s, garden lovers or nature lovers.




Made from natural clay with terracotta stains to create a large rectangle cast.

The flowers have been hand pressed into the clay and then carefully removed, creating an impression that will last forever, then professional plaster is poured into the clay to create a relief cast.

Two wire hooks have been inserted into the paster on the reverse  as well as string so the piece can either be hung directly on the wall or propped on a shelf.

Comes in a wooden frame.

Dimensions Length 52cm, Height 34cm.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 52 × 3 × 34 cm