Reflect the Sky, Hand Drawn and Dry Point Etching

This is a Large 70cm dry point etching and hand drawn detail in a soft blue/green painted texture behind the print. It is inspired by one of Rachels favourite activity Wild Swimming .

This pieces is done in a slightly different process to Rachel’s smaller pieces, and is a mixture of dry point etching processes alongside hand drawn mark making, so is completely unique. We feel the way she has also incorporated the wood grain naturally found in the birch plywood adds a beautiful calming quality to the work and the spiralling grains allow you to observe the printed mark making closer.

We feel the circle shape add’s a touch of modern style to this print and would look good displayed in a modern interior as well as an old barn, and the striking 70cm scale of this piece will create an impact in any room.



This is a 70cm round Birch Plywood print which has also been hand drawn in areas. It has been hand painted in the background and a limited edition dry point etching has been applied on top, alongside hand drawn mark making.

70cm by 70cm circular

This print is light so it is easy to hang and a string has been applied to the back. The print is hanging on one central screw in the gallery.

The print has been signed and stamped by the artist on the back


Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 75 × 10 × 75 cm