Bullfinch, Bird on Block

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This Bullfinch bird on block is the perfect gift for any bird lover. Jenny’s quirky illustrations give each bird a unique character, which would make anyone smile when you catch a glimmer of this sculpture in your eye. They can be displayed anywhere in your home environment, but we still advise placing the sculpture were there is light to enhance that beautiful warm glow of the glass.


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A beautiful selection of stained glass with fine detailed mark making drawn directly onto the glass, to refine that Bullfinch look with solid wooden block. The birds on block sculptures arrive flat pack and are very easy to assemble.

Product Size (Approximately)

Height 14cm

Length 11cm

The Bird is presented in a gift box sized 18cm by 13cm

Care instructions are provided and a hand signed gift card

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 18 × 6.5 × 18 cm