Lesley Birch

We are honoured to be representing York based artist Lesley Birch from Pica Studio’s, in the gallery this winter. 

To me her work captures gestural sense’s of nature with a beautiful lyrical feel from the way she applies the paint, oil pastels and pencils.

Throughout the recent lockdowns, Lesley would go to the local market in York and purchase a bouquet of flowers. She would then take these back to Pica Studio’s and observe the ever changing posies each day, which were documented in paint. “Tulips Dancing” and “A Studio Cornucopia” are two of the paintings we are displaying and are also  apart of this body of work.

Nature’s Playground is Lesley’s large scale abstract painting, and our centre piece for the whole exhibition. We were so taken by this painting, that we decided to name the exhibition after this title. Lesley’s inspiration for this title came from seeing a see-saw in the bottom right hand corner which I can see, can you?  

Her successful career as an artists has given her the opportunity to display work all over the country but she has also been selected for the Discerning Eye 2016, 2017, 2018 as well as the prestigious Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2013.