15 Oct 2023


10:00 am - 4:30 pm



Create a Silver Anti-clastic, Bangle With Cathy Sutherland

Throughout this one day workshop we will focus on the technique Anti-clastic Raising, a technique that creates a curvature form using a sinusoidal stake.

We will start the workshop by exploring different forms you can create using the sinusoidal stake, in copper. So firstly Cathy will guide you through how to create round forms and as the workshop progresses we will explore organic forms too.

Once we have experimented with different shapes and forms, we will then start to create our very own unique open bangle.

In the afternoon we will then show you how to professionally highly polish your bangle and add frosted elements as well.

You will learn how to create three dimensional shapes using the raising technique Anti-Clastic, learn how to use a stake and hammers, as well as different polishing techniques.

Lunch and all materials are include in this workshop.

Open to all capabilities.