Esther Smith

We are delighted to introduce a new maker into the gallery Esther Smith for our winter exhibition “Hereditary Pathways.”

She is an artist who I have personally admired for a long time, as I love the way she creates her  beautiful illustrative  story telling automators with a sense of humour, using different metal smithing techniques.

She is an artist based in Cornwall who is heavily inspired by her natural surroundings of the coastline. At first Esther trained as a jeweller and Silversmithing at Birmingham School of Jewellery and then when she moved to Cornwall she started her journey as an Automator artist back in 2014. 

She is also passionate about using recycled materials and generally works with copper, silver and brass using traditional silversmithing techniques such as enamelling and patinating metals. Occasionally you may also find reclaimed pieces of tin or coppiced Cornish wood.  

We think Esther’s Automators are the perfect keepsake gift for any age and deserved to be treasured.