Ruth Holly

Ruth’s work focuses on nature’s infinite variety; the textures, colours, patterns and shapes created by weathered surfaces and patinas. Ruth uses her beloved Yorkshire as inspiration, along with her travels to far flung places. Combining natural elements with contemporary trends, Ruth has developed a unique and fearlessly distinctive style.

“I have an innate drive to seek & discover, and to turn my discoveries into beautiful goods to be cherished”

Over the years, nature’s beauty has been a constant for Ruth, life is uncertain and unpredictable, so nature & the reliability of the changing seasons became a comfort. Focusing in, and looking closer, helped Ruth to become more mindful, and to appreciate the often overlooked simple things in todays overstimulated society.

Today, four distinctive and timeless Ruth Holly collections grace the homes of loyal customers and fill the shelves of gloriously like-minded independent shops and galleries! Signature, Aspect and Nomad, and Goddess.