Single Wire Tree on Driftwood


A beautiful hand drawn wire sculpture illustrative of a single tree. This sculpture looks beautiful against our solid white plinths allowing the sculpture to really come to life. We love how the light casts a shadow behind the sculpture enhancing the beautiful mark making found within the wire work.

These sculptures look beautiful displayed alongside ceramics in the gallery so we feel they would look perfect displayed in any home interior to add that characterful quirky look.

We feel these sculptures would make the perfect keepsake gift for someone or why not treat yourself.



A single hand formed tree on a piece of driftwood that has been found on the artists local beach.

The piece is approximately 6.5 cm wide, 19.5cm high and 5.5cm deep.

With a waxed driftwood and binding wire to form the shapes, which has then been sprayed with lacquer.

A wire signature has been incorporated into the reeds at the front of the driftwood.

The trees cast lovely shadows in certain lights, adding to its charm.

Due to the nature of the wire small rust spots may appear on it in places (this is very rare).

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 10 cm