Mini Rope Pots With Lid – Blue

These pots are perfect at storing little objects away. I have one of these in my bathroom and keep all sorts of special things I don’t want people to see inside my little pot. They also look really attractive displayed on a window ledge.



Rope pots with lids Рorganic cotton thread

Lidded rope pots stitched together with soft unbleached cotton rope and beautiful organic cotton thread. These cute pots are perfect storage for treasures on table tops or bedside tables. Available in

Blue, Green and Gold


With lid on – 11cm high & 16 cm wide

With lid off – 10cm high & 17cm wide

Pot base is 10cm wide

Please note to get the best fit I make each of the lids to fit each individual pot so there may be a small variation in size.

Handmade to last with unbleached cotton rope & 100% organic cotton thread. Each one is handmade using a freeform sewing technique. Please allow for a small variation in dimensions as each is individually created.

Best care is to spot wash with warm water and dry in the sun or near a radiator. Cotton soaks up stains but also releases them very easily. Stubborn stains can be removed with a little baking soda paste and warm water. Hot water will shrink the cotton.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 10 cm