Medium Recycled Leather Notebook

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These notebooks make the perfect luxury gift for anyone who enjoys drawing or even creating lists of daily tasks throughout the day.

They are so beautifully made exposing the spine which is often hidden.

She creates beautiful stitched patterns into the spine incorporating tape measure and vintage ribbons.

The notebook is filled with  gorgeous recycled paper’s inside.



Recycled leather notebook with exposed spine showing the traditional bookbinding craftsmanship

Ribbons, tape measures and silk threads have been used to create the spine.

An elastic is attached and a vintage button to close the book.

The book contains 110 paper pages with a mixture of recycled papers incorporating lined, square and blank paper inside. Ten envelopes are also inside.


height 14.5cm width 10.3cm and depth 2.5cm

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Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 27 × 19.5 × 3 cm

Bright Red, Light Yellow, Grey, Pale Blue, Grass Green, Earthy Brown