Green Woodpecker Jug And Cup

The Green Woodpecker one of Phil Arthurs latest editions to his bird collection, and one we adore. Like all of Phil’s birds the head/cup can be taken off the body/ jug and can be moved all the way round to create any expression you desire. This also gives you the freedom to display the birds in a range of different places around the house, however alcoves and window ledges tend to be a popular choice. Phil has carried on creating beautiful carved details all the way around the birds body meaning this 3D object is just as interesting on the back as the front.


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Terracotta hand thrown and hand built bird jug.

Glazed in a blue and brown glaze for a modern take on an owl.

Dimensions of the jug and cup in one piece

Height 27cm

Dimensions of the head / cup

Height 8cm length including beak 13cm

Dimensions of the body / jug

Height 24cm length at the widest point including handle 17cm


Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 27 cm