Barn Swallow Brooch Pin

Darting through open farmlands, the swallow fascinates with its cobalt blue feathers and forked tail glowing in the country sun. True to its name, it gathers mud pellets to build a cup-shaped nest to rest its upcoming brood of young.

A sparkly brooch which is sure to catch the attention of lots of people



Size : 9.3 cm l x 3.5 cm w, 3.6″ l x 1.4″ w

Material : Cotton, Felt, Metal, Sequins & Beads; Hand embroidered

Handmade in India.

Produced in Small Batches by Artisans.

Slight variation in embroidery, size, shape and colour is part of the handmade craft and may be apparent between pieces; this is not considered a defect but is celebrated as a mark of made by hand.

Packaged in a Trovelore gift box

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 10 cm