Nicole Dickinson

Nicole inspiration comes from her love of nature. She is especially attracted to the rugged countryside and coastline of the North of England, where she live’s. Her paintings depict moods and atmospheres created by the ever-changing weather. The quality of light is a vital part of the mood of her work.

she enjoy’s walking in the countryside especially on the moors with her camera and sketchbook and then painting intuitively in the studio. The main objective is to translate her emotional response to a moment in time.

She find’s that oil paints are a wonderful medium that brings depth, luminosity and transparency to a painting. She has started using oil and cold wax for more transparency and atmospheric effects.

She also enjoy’s experimenting with acrylic, watercolour, collage and mixed media. She build’s up texture and depth with several layers of paint that she often partially rub or scrape back in order to leave some of the lower layers exposed.

Her landscape paintings are mainly semi-abstract and she prefer to create works that are more suggestive and atmospheric than purely descriptive. The intention is to let the viewers connect with my work through their own moods and memories.