Karen Joyce

We are delighted to be showcasing Karen Joyce Collagraph prints in the gallery for the very first time this summer.

Personally I’ve been a fan of Karens work for a long time through following her on social media. The way she form’s a landscape within a grid like form is a very pleasing style to me. 

Karen’s work is inspired be the enduring fascination for quiet landscape – scattered with chalk fields, corvids and winter trees, it forms the core of her printmaking practice. And though she also produce’s work with none of those features, landscape is still likely to be at the root of it.

Karen is a Printmaker and the printing technique she has focused on to produce this body of work that we are showcasing in the gallery is called collagraph. A technique where you produce a plate on mount board by creating textures which can be created by cutting away the board with a Stanley knife, or by applying textures onto the board like string or corragated card.

Once your plate is finished you then ink it up carefully and run it through the printing press, to apply the print onto the paper. 

Collagraph print’s are original prints that are limited due to the nature of how fragile the plate is.