Jaeeun Kim

Jaeeun Kim is a South-Korean Ceramic artist working in London. Jaeeun began her artistic career working in both ceramics and art therapy.

After receiving a Master degree in Ceramic Art from Kyunghee University, Korea, she has worked as a ceramic artist, a lecturer for university students and an art therapist for mentally handicapped children. To learn more about the theoretical background of art therapy, Jaeeun earned her another postgraduate degree in Applied Psychology at the Salford University in Manchester, UK 

Her practice includes hand-made fine stoneware design range of vases, and unique objects.

 Her art works are based on art therapy which is a form of psychotherapy involving the encouragement of free self-expression through painting, drawing, or modelling or diagnostic activity.

HTP (House-Tree-Person) is one of the test for finding clues about the person’s hidden emotions.

My artworks represent HTP (House-Tree-Person) objects which are widely used in Art Therapy to find clues about the person’s hidden emotions or internal conflicts.