Helen Harrison

We are delighted to be working with this talented potter during our summer exhibition “Beneath the Trees”.

I have been admiring Helen’s work for a while now and love the intricate wobbly hand thrown forms she is creating in porcelain clay. You often find curved indent’s in her mugs and jugs, allowing the placement of the hands to comfortably sit around the mug while drinking.  These forms are embellished with photographic decals of natural forms such as dragonflies, bee’s, strawberries, coy carp, ferns and so much more. She has then applied oxide’s and coloured glazes in a painterly manor which create’s a hidden charm to each decal.  

For me her work captures an authentic feel incorporating that modern twist to a functional dinner set. 

Since introducing Helen’s work into the gallery her work has become hugely popular with people been drawn to the vibrant colours combined with the beautiful decal forms. We are delighted to finally share Helens work with you all online.