Fat Belly Pots

We are delighted to be showcasing Fat belly Pot’s by Kathrine Kingdom this winter.
The work she make’s is small, carefully crafted and delights in imperfections. She spend’s time with each piece considering how to best show its character. Not cleaning up and hiding the making technique, but looking for ways of emphasising that which it is. The surface decoration happens in a similar way. She throws, tear’s and stick, working with both plan and chance then look and think and hunt for possibilities. From these possibilities characters and narrative evolve. The fun for Kathrine is exploring how the characters communicate, both with each other and with the viewer.
We find her work very intriguing in the gallery and love the witty nature of her vessel and mugs. For example you are drawn to a vessel and then once picking it up and moving the object around you find ever more characters embellishing the back of the piece. For example on Sergeant What? you will see a child playing with a spider and a dog perching observing closey.
You can’t help but smile at each piece she has created.