27 Oct 2024


10:00 am - 4:30 pm



New Fold Forming with Cathy Sutherland and Emily Knight

Spend a day in the workshop with myself and Cathy Sutherland creating organic shapes, out of silver and copper. You will create a pair of earrings and a pendant.

Fold forming describes the process of folding sheet metal and then with a hammer you compress the fold.  The folded piece is then sometimes further worked before opening out to reveal the created form.

You will learn five folding techniques which will give you five unique organic shapes.

These techniques are called, Basic flat line fold, Partial line fold, rolled over line fold, forged folds and ruffled leaves.

You will start by learning this technique using a sheet of copper, so you are able to get used to the different hammering techniques and then we will move onto silver, so you can create you very own pair of earrings and pendant set.

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Fold Forming
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