28 Apr 2024


10:00 am - 4:30 pm



Contemporary Locket workshop with Ruth Laird and Emily Knight

Learn how to create a keepsake locket in silver and set an image of your choice in the middle.

Throughout the one day workshop you will create a silver swing locket. You will learn a series of basic jewellery techniques such as soldering, texturing sliver, marrying metals and creating jump rings.

In the morning Ruth and Emily will guide you through the different stages of how to create a silver frame for your image to sit in. Once this is achieved we will then show you how to set your image behind perspex. This style of locket does not allow you to change the image you choose to set.

In the afternoon we will then be focusing on the lid. We will show you two different techniques hammering, or marrying metals to create a unique pattern in, silver, copper or brass. Once you have seen both techniques you can then decide which one you would like to do.

Once the base and lid are created you will then be shown how to create a swing mechanism and attach this onto a chain.

Lunch and all materials are included and all we ask you to bring with you is an image that you would like to set in your locket, size a 2.5cm circle.

This workshop is available to all capabilities