Ciara Bowles

Ciara Bowles is a Contemporary Jewellery designer based in London. We started working with Ciara in 2019 and her fine jewellery collection has been a true favourite in gallery ever since. Her aesthetic of combining luxurious colours of  vibrant precious stones set within the rich colour of yellow gold creates a unique identity. When you look closely at Ciara’s work you will see tiny patterned details which she has created using an ancient jewellery technique called lost wax casting. This adds an encrusted ancient look, which is what we find really special about each piece.

Ciara Bowles is also one of our jewellery designers we work closely with on bespoke orders. She has transformed inherited jewellery that has been passed down to clients into contemporary modern pieces. Please visit the Bespoke section of the website to see the items Ciara has created and read more about their individual stories.

She is also apart of our Workshop team so she is a face you may see from time to time if you are interested in learning her lost wax casting techniques.