Welcome to our 2023 Christmas page, our favourite time of year in the gallery. 

Each year we get super excited about finding new handcrafted Christmas ornaments by individual makers scattered around the United Kingdom or working with charities that produce Christmas ornaments around the world.

This year we have a mixture of glass ornaments by Jane Charles Glass,  Love Harriet and Liz Huppert, Ceramics by Vine Haugh, Inner Finn, Stockwell Ceramics, Karen Risby and Jo Luck Stead Wood by Natty Decco, Sophie Brabbins Paper by East End Press and Joanna Coupland Metal work by Emma Jane Rule Fabric by Silk Road Bazaar. 

As well as Emily Knight’s one hundred saw pierced and enamelled Christmas decorations. This years theme is Artic Animals, which include’s; whale’s, Penguin’s, Polar Bear’s, Snowy Owl, Artic Fox. There is only a limited edition of twenty animal created so once they are out of stock they are gone. 

We really hope some of you can make it into the gallery this Christmas to see all our wonderful Christmas decorations that are bound to get you into the festive spirit.