Hannah Coates

Hannah is one of our new exhibitors to the gallery this Winter and is part of our Natures Playground exhibition. She creates beautiful creations in her home studio based in North Wales surrounded by vintage finds, and an art collection created by friends and family.

Most of Hannah’s work is created from recycled materials and we love the way she utilises the semi rigid structure of plastic bottles to gain form and add colours and patterns by using her specially developed collaging technique with a variety of discarded packaging, including foils, papers, and plastics. She then build’s up layers by fabricating and sewing each piece together with fine wire and beads.

what really fascinates me and draws me to observe her work closer is the way Hannah has very cleverly created that iridescent insect like quality into each brooch which is a very difficult process to achieve. 

I personally don’t know how people can resist her work and I certainly didn’t, and am now the proud owner of one of her furry moths and every time I wear this brooch it draws people closer to observe this beautiful insect. shell so