Charlie High

From an early age she was attracted to jewellery. Charlie collected stones, shells and pieces of metal. She started to make jewellery in Portugal where she studied a summer course in jewellery design and basic techniques. Charlie was hooked. On her return to the UK she studied at Kensington and Chelsea College and received enough credits on a LOCF course to be offered a place at the Guildhall to study for an HND. 

The underlying link between all of her pieces is the influence of her environment. Many of them have an organic origin, adapted to be workshoppractical and wearable as a piece of jewellery. 

In some instances she has focussed on the texture of natural objects and in others she has concentrated on the pattern or the shape. Shells, leaves, flowers and pebbles have been particularly influential, as well as landscapes, buildings and other man-made objects. Even the feelings aroused by an object, place or an event have a part to play in my designs.