Bea Jareno

We are really pleased to be welcoming Bea’s contemporary jewellery collection into the gallery this summer.

Her work captures a special organic quality, using techniques such as fine detailed granulation or hammered  handmade textured links to create one of a kind pieces. We particularly love Bea’s necklaces combining colourful precious and semi precious stones alongside metal nuggets in gold and silver. 

Her work is influenced be her travels to India and Africa, focusing on collaging a combination of lush stones alongside rugged textures of silver and gold creating truly special pieces.

We feel Bea’s work truly comes to life when each piece is tried on. She carefully considers how each link or setting sits alongside the body, and this is evident when you see her pieces worn. 

All her work is produced on a limited edition or One of a Kind basis using only ethical and sustainable materials handcrafted in her London studio.