Roxanne Gilbert

We are so pleased to be working with Roxanne, I have been a big fan of her rings and this year she has recently won an award from the assay office for her beautifully executed ring designs and we can understand why.

Roxanne make’s bold wearable sculptures in silver and gold, using lost wax casting and granulation techniques. Exploring repetition and scale, she build’s up multiple individual elements to create intricate textures and bold silhouettes. She incorporate’s gemstones in such a way that they appear to melt into the metal and are integral to the overall form of the piece rather than being the main focus. The finish is often raw or uneven – celebrating the beauty of pure and burnished metal and the marks of the making journey. Her aim is to produce beautiful jewellery that is honest, unique and as individual as the wearer. She use’s precious materials because they are a joy to work with and they add to the essence of luxury and treasure unearthed, but the time and passion she devote’s to her art is what makes her creations truly precious.