Andrew Niblett

Andrew has been interested in Art and especially ceramics ever since his parents bought him his potters wheel at the age of 5.
Graduating from Bath College of Higher Education with a degree in 3d ceramics he moved back to the Forest of Dean. Renovating a cottage and building a studio in the garden.
For many years military history and his joy of ceramics have been two separate interests but gradually these have combined into the ceramics that Andrew now creates.
All the pieces are thrown and turned to refine the form and surface.
Metal ball bearings are sometimes incorporated into these forms and fired in.
Some forms are sprayed with a copper oxide glaze
which are fired in a recycled oil drum gas kiln.
Upon reaching the desired top temperature each piece is removed glowing red hot and placed on too a bed of sawdust,covered then left to cool.
The waiting………. ……
unveiling each piece is a mixture of excitement stress and anticipation…ok its survived the ancient Raku process.