Rock Formation, Original Mix Media Painting

A beautiful original mix media painting by Kate Boyce, which encapsulates the Yorkshire Dales. I love how she collaged her original photography of drystone walls and the hawthorn tree with her abstract mark making using acrylic paint and pastels.

This painting would work well above a mantle piece as a statement painting, due to the strong depth of colour and the strength of shapes captured throughout the painting. My favourite part is how your eye is drawn to the top left hand corner where the painting has encapsulated a hawthorn tree, sat within the Yorkshire Dales Landscape.


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An Original Mix Media Painting incorporating the artists own image’s and and layering the painting in an abstract formation

This painting has been done on board and is tray framed in lime washed wood.


50cm by 50cm

The picture can either by hung using the wooden ledge’s created by the framing or hung from the central string.

The painting is hanging in the gallery on a single screw

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 10 × 50 cm