Moorland Light I

A beautiful atmospheric painting apart of a series of 14 original paintings exclusively produced for the Northern Lights exhibition at Studio Vault.

This series of four small paintings are beautifully executed with deep tones of blues and greens with soft pinks and purples escaping into this atmospheric piece. All four of these paintings are hung together in the gallery but would also look equally effective on their own. we also love how the painting has been framed with a deep white border allowing each piece to really sing.

We feel Paula’s work can be hung in any modern interior as well as a country home and looks great displayed alongside studio pottery that picks out the colours found in the painting.



Each painting is created on Arches Huille paper using oil paints and mixed media. The paintings have been mounted on wooden boards, varnished and then framed in a simple white tray frame.

An Artist certificate has been applied to the back of the painting and is also signed at the front by the artist

Lightweight and string hanging


30 x 30cm Framed 46.5cm x 46.5cm

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 50 × 10 × 50 cm