Justine Jenner

Justine’s work is relatively new in the gallery, but somebodies work I have been lusting over for a while, due to her use of colour, which just pop’s out against that crisp shiny white glaze in her rainbow collection. We were delighted when we finally introduced her work into the space and within the first day we received Justine’s work her rainbow mugs instantly found homes. I’m sure you can see why she has captured a very clean modern design, which has been so well executed for the purpose of everyday use. We have already had so much fun helping clients select groups of mugs were the colours bounce off each other ,to create that perfect pairing.

Justine’s work is made from either white or terracotta clay, and she uses a range of traditional pottery techniques. She starts by throwing each piece and then once the clay is leather hard she then uses a process called turning which is what creates the beautiful waved tactile marks seen on the inside and outside of her work. All of her work is made in her home studio based in Hampshire.

With the nature of the handmade process these images are to give you an idea. The one we will send will be as close to the image you have seen.