22 Aug 2021


10:00 am - 4:30 pm



Create a Quirky Paper Mache and Wire Animal with Joanna Couplands

We are really pleased to be organising this workshop with one of our talented artists Joanna Coupland’s. Her creation’s are an instant winner in the gallery, so we thought you may all like to have the opportunity to create your very own quirky creature with Joanna Couplands.

Throughout this one day workshop we will be learning a range of techniques, including creating illustrative intricate wire work forms, which will then be covered with Paper Mache. After we have created our animal forms we will then let Joanna demonstrate some of her painting techniques. These will then be finished off by applying, found objects like; feathers, flowers and sequins with the guidance and advice from Jo.

At the end of this workshop you will go away with your very own quirky creation, as well as an insight into the way this talented artist works.

Head over to to see her Wonderfull creations.

Lunch and all materials are included.

You will receive a reminder email from Emily the week before this workshop starts which will include more information about the course.


Sold out!