Charlotte Whitmore

We are really pleased to be welcoming Charlotte Whitmore’s ¬†Botanical inspired jewellery collection into the gallery this summer.

Her work captures a special organic quality, using techniques such as roll printing detailed flora and fauna textures onto silver. We particularly love how Charlotte combines colour using reclaimed vintage plastics and glass. We find the way she collages each piece together very clever, in particular on her brooches and necklaces.

We are really pleased with the response Charlotte’s work has received already and as you can probably imagine her brooches have already proven popular, and we are not surprised as when worn they look like tiny botanical beautifully illustrated sculptures.

Her work is influenced be her natural envirnment and we feel she create’s truly special pieces.

All her work is produced on a limited edition or One of a Kind basis and is handcrafted locally to the gallery in West Yorkshire, Bingley.